Work Surfaces

You have a choice of Four main materials Laminate by Duropal and Getallit Affordable and hard wearing offering a huge selection of patterns and can be the Standard 40mm or a comtempory looking 60mm worktop.

Cool to touch the beauty of granite tops is as Natural Stone every top is different just as nature has made it and meant it to be, Obvioulsy a very hard and resistant worktop and a stunning finish to any kitchen Engineered Stone A quartz Work top that is highly scratch and stain resistant and is available in several thicknesses and a choice of polished and swede finishes

Corian is a mixture of natural mineral and acrylic that gives you seamless joints in your work tops and back pane Impervious to bacteria and flush under mount Corian sinks make this both a practical but stunning surface.

Engineered Stone

We also do a range of Engineered Stone Worktops

We also do a range of Timber Worktops

We also do a range of Laminate Worktops

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